Laxmi Cushions

Our concept has been to combine comfort and style with herbal sleep cushions and relaxing neck wraps full of aromatic herbs. The Laxmi cushions combine the beautiful design of Indian Block Printing Cushion covers with inner cushions filled with a blend of herbs blended here in Rutland to aid sleep and relaxation.

Old herbal remedy books contain many references to Lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense and having soporific and therapeutic qualities. We have blended these into a unique sleepy scent, all herbs have been sourced and blended in the UK.

We have created a dreamy blend to help you fall into a restful calm. So give in and let the rest begin.

Laxmi cushions is dedicated to maintaining the beauty and craftsmanship of the block printing tradition available in Jaipur, India. It has been the centre of block printing in India for Many generations, Laxmi cushion covers are produced in a small studio in Jaipur.

Design inspiration has been taken from many sources of Indian fabrics and printed on fine Indian linen and Cotton. Buntas of well seasoned Siam wood have had the Laxmi designs carved on to them and then layers of colour are applied to the Buntas for hand printing. The wave pattern seen on the Lahari cushions covers is a popular design seen on turbans and sharers to celebrate the forthcoming Spring.

LAXMI the name of a wonderful Indian elephant that I met in India, she now lives a very happy life on a private farm outside Jaipur......